Lana on the tumblr radar, trending on facebook, trending on Twitter, was the most mentioned artist at Coachella performing in front of 50,000, dropped her new single & it placed in the top ten singles (currently #5) on iTunes, all within the last 24 hours.


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this is really sweet propaganda :’)

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this is my favorite

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"I think that music is still art, even if it’s commercialised. You can go to a gallery and see a painting of anything; you should be able to go online and listen to a song about anything or go and see a music video about anything. There is so much violence on the internet – I think that is a far worse influence than a nipple. Why do you have be over 18 to see one but not the other?"

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morphineprincesshigh asked: Do you like Lady Gaga?


what i love about gaga is how completely devoted to her art she is, the way she embodies and lives in the amazing world she created is not an easy thing to do. seems so lovely and clever also!

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"I was actually listing Hitchcock movies … What I’m really trying to say is I want the deepest, darkest, sickest parts of you, that you’re afraid to share with anyone; Because I love you that much." (2009)

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“I want women — and men — to feel empowered by a deeper and more psychotic part of themselves. The part they’re always trying desperately to hide. I want that to become something that they cherish.” ― Lady Gaga

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When hair ends and scheiße starts 


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